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Business Bureau

You have placed your order and now the business bureau goes through your detailed instructions. The information from your finalised order is processed/amended in our ERP system.

The business bureau is responsible for:

Planning procurement
Drawing work (see Engineering)
Job preparation
Planning schedule

Scheduling the activities to ensure delivery on the scheduled date. Production and assembly capacity are reserved in the planning schedule. The purchase and production elements are also divided up.

The elements that have to be purchased are ordered from renowned suppliers that we have done business with for years. Apart from quality, an important criterion for purchased parts is reliable delivery and the service we can expect from the supplier when it comes to delivering spares and replacements.

Drawing work
Because we produce client-specific products, we need to create (production) drawings. The drawings are made using Inventor, and the 3D model gives a clear picture of the end result.

Job preparation
Job preparation is the spider at the centre of the web when it comes to turning the order into a concrete product. Preparation demands a high degree of accuracy in connection with the direct control of production. One important task is to limit the loss of material that is cut on the laser bench and the plasma bench to a minimum. Puzzling over how to keep the waste to a minimum is a sport in its own right!

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