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Screw feeders and feed vessels

The advantage of using multiple screw shafts mounted together in one housing is that they can measure out these sluggishly flowing products. Product bridges above the screws are eliminated and large transport capacities can be achieved at relatively low rotation rates. By installing 2, 3, 4 or more spirals in a hopper, you get a very reliable system for emptying solids that have a high tendency to form bridges. By using conventional screw shafts, enormous feed torques can be achieved without damage to the screw shafts, in contrast to a shaftless screw bed. The screw flights can be made in various forms to guarantee a good match with the product. The system is highly flexible in use and can be produced in versions for large and small capacities.


  • Screw feeder system is designed for the product
  • High capacity achievable at relatively low revs
  • Hopper storage capacity from 10 to 100m3 (bigger on request)
  • No wearing plates required thanks to the free spanning of the screw shafts
  • Screw shaft revolutions can be regulated independently
  • Little or no maintenance required

Sludge products:

Sludge from municipal waste plants; sludge cakes; paper sludge; meat and abattoir waste streams; industrial sludge etc.

Powdered substances:

Activated charcoal powder, nylon powder, PVC powder, polyamide powder, talcum powder, calcium carbonate, polymer powder, lime powder, artificial fertilizer, sodium sulphate, polyacetal powder, alum earth, borax, buthylphenol, chalk powder, fly ash, toner powder, filtering material, pigment powder, isophtalic acid, irganox powder, cinnamic acid, chalk powder, sodium sulphate, polyformaldehyde powder, penta powder, urea, washing additives, zeneb powder, aspirin powder, cheese powder, coffee powder, granulated sugar, tobacco powder, vanilla powder, starch, salt, salt dust etc.

Granulate products:

Anthracite, caustic soda, chemical granules, delrin granulate, DMT flakes, resin flakes, HPN chips, artificial resin granulate, plastic granulate (milled), sodium sulphate, nylon granulate, octylphenol, PA granulate, paper pulp, PE granulate, PET granulate, penicillin salt, polyaramide granulate, PVC granulate, sawdust, caramelised sugar, granulated sugar, spice mixture, rice, wheat/barley, tea, vitamin C granulate etc.

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