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Een Klinkenberg woelbunker biedt uitkomst!
Voor elk probleem een oplossing
Door een enorme ervaring zijn er tal van oplossingen voor vrijwel elk probleem
Elk soort, elke maat
Van 500 liter tot 2500 liter, van roestvast staal tot slijtvaste materialen

Agitated Screw Feeders (Bunkers)

The agitator bunker provides a solution anywhere in industry where products need to be mixed or fed out evenly. Available in a variety of versions, this machine guarantees a problem-free logistical process. It can be produced entirely in accordance with your wishes and in single or double form. In many different types of industry, the agitator bunker ensures that products are correctly homogenised or fed out.

Mix, Homogenise, Agitate! Klinkenberg’s agitator hoppers are eminently suitable for this. Thanks to our extensive experience and the many applications in this field, there are numerous solutions to your problem. The agitator bunkers are available in many types and sizes. From 500 to 7,500 litres, in stainless steel or other materials, including wear-resistant material. We can also deliver with ATEX certification.


Foodstuffs, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biomass, Plastics, Paper, Pet food, Cement, Sugar and many others


  • Products with poor flow characteristics
  • Homogenising
  • Lightly stirring/breaking
  • Loss and weight installations


Double shaft systems, spring bottoms, hinging lids. Version with brushed finish etc.
Our experts are always ready to answer your questions.

Powdered substances:

Activated charcoal powder, nylon powder, PVC powder, polyamide powder, talcum powder, calcium carbonate, polymer powder, lime powder, artificial fertilizer, sodium sulphate, polyacetal powder, alum earth, borax, buthylphenol, chalk powder, fly ash, toner powder, filtering material, pigment powder, isophtalic acid, irganox powder, cinnamic acid, chalk powder, sodium sulphate, polyformaldehyde powder, penta powder, urea, washing additives, zeneb powder, aspirin powder, cheese powder, coffee powder, granulated sugar, tobacco powder, vanilla powder, starch, salt, salt dust etc.

Granulate products:

Anthracite, caustic soda, chemical granules, delrin granulate, DMT flakes, resin flakes, HPN chips, artificial resin granulate, plastic granulate (milled), sodium sulphate, nylon granulate, octylphenol, PA granulate, paper pulp, PE granulate, PET granulate, penicillin salt, polyaramide granulate, caramelised sugar, granulated sugar, spice mixture, rice, wheat/barley, tea, vitamin C granulate etc.

PVC granulate, sawdust

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