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Klinkenberg heeft het patent op de compacte Thermfrost!
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Thermfrost is een schroefwarmtewisselaar met een enkel- of dubbelassig systeem
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Dat is verleden tijd met onze compacte model!


The Thermfrost is a screw heat exchanger with one or two shafts. Depending on the parameters and the available space, you can opt for cooling by the jacket, the shaft and/or the screw flights. The cooling effect can be achieved using water, glycol, glycol/water mix, oil and other convenient coolants. The required cooling surface is calculated on the basis of the product’s delta T factor and a number of product parameters.

To guarantee the desired fall in temperature, it is important to know the specific heat, thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient of the product. The hard part is determining the total heat transfer coefficient. This consists of 3 components: the temperature transfer from the solid to the metal, the conduction through the metal and the transfer from the metal to the cooling medium. In most cases, the transfer from the product to the metal is the limiting factor. It is also usually unknown. Fortunately, Klinkenberg has a testing area where the heat transfer coefficient can be calculated. We therefore invite you to come and measure the correct parameters in our testing area when faced with these complex issues.

Thermfrost compact version ®

The main problem that we hear from clients is that a sizeable cooling area is needed to achieve the desired fall in temperature, which results in fairly large machines. Most clients are short of space and don’t have room for a machine of that size; if they had, they would still rather use the valuable space for something else. At the start of 2008, Klinkenberg set about meeting this demand and built several prototype machines. The prototype was subjected to various tests. This resulted in the patented Thermfrost compact version. The big advantage of this machine is that the cooling surface can be easily enlarged or made smaller without changing the exterior dimensions. If there is too little cooling capacity, we increase the cooling surface.

If the cooling effect is too much, we decease the surface. There is no effort to it, just the required drop in temperature – simple, fast and always guaranteed.

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