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Ribbon mixers

Klinkenberg ribbon mixers are very efficient in operation where small quantities of additives are measured into the base batch. The product has a constant motion to produce optimum mixing. A ribbon mixer fitted with two basic shafts can greatly increase the mixing effect for shorter and more intensive mixing processes. The intensity of a double-shaft ribbon mixer is achieved due to an overlap between the two ribbons in the heart of the machine.

Thanks to this principle, a homogeneity of 90 to 95% can be achieved in just one minute. Because the ribbon mixer mixes gently, it is possible to mix granulates without much damage to the product. The ribbon mixers are available in many types and sizes. They can be made in stainless steel or other materials, including wear-resistant materials. The mixers can be supplied with ATEX certification.


Foodstuffs, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biomass, Plastics, Paper, Pet food, Cement, Sugar and many others


  • Batch/continuous mixing
  • Adjustable retention time
  • Counter-mixing
  • Short mixing times


Single or double shaft systems, spring bottoms, hinging covers, brushed finish.

Powdered substances:

Activated charcoal powder, nylon powder, PVC powder, polyamide powder, talcum powder, calcium carbonate, polymer powder, lime powder, artificial fertilizer, sodium sulphate, polyacetal powder, alum earth, borax, buthylphenol, chalk powder, fly ash, toner powder, filtering material, pigment powder, isophtalic acid, irganox powder, cinnamic acid, chalk powder, sodium sulphate, polyformaldehyde powder, penta powder, urea, washing additives, zeneb powder, aspirin powder, cheese powder, coffee powder, granulated sugar, tobacco powder, vanilla powder, starch, salt, salt dust etc.

Granulate products:

Anthracite, caustic soda, chemical granules, delrin granulate, DMT flakes, resin flakes, HPN chips, artificial resin granulate, plastic granulate (milled), sodium sulphate, nylon granulate, octylphenol, PA granulate, paper pulp, PE granulate, PET granulate, penicillin salt, polyaramide granulate, PVC granulate, sawdust, caramelised sugar, granulated sugar, spice mixture, rice, wheat/barley, tea, vitamin C granulate etc.

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